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Welcome To The SEA!

Daily Childcare
Starting at 6 weeks

The purpose of Little Sea Academy, LLC's facility is to create an environment that inspires each student to dive deeper into learning.

We plan to provide quality childcare services and education to our community. All students admitted into our care will be met with a safe and loving environment filled with passionate and qualified educators to meet their needs. Through interactive experiences, real-world applications, and modern technology, our program will allow traditional and non-traditional educational experiences to peak students' interest. Our staff will be trained to focus on the whole student through activities that utilize social-emotional learning, personalized learning, and a variety of assessment strategies to evaluate understanding of standard and learning targets.​


Child Safety


Little Sea Academy, LLC prides itself in creating and maintaining a safe and loving environment for its learners but acknowledges the importance of having emergency plans. To learn more, please download the parent handbook in the "Parents" section of this site.

​It is important that parents complete and update, as needed, an Emergency Contact and Parental Consent Form in the case of a medical emergency. This form contains contact information for both the parents as well as the individuals authorized to pick up the child in the event of illness or emergency. In addition, the form allows Little Sea Academy Learning Center staff members to seek emergency medical or dental care from authorized care providers in the event of serious injury. It is the responsibility of the parent to complete this form and to make corrections to this information when necessary.

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